Courageous Leaders

A free one-year leadership and management programme for LGBT+ teachers.

About the programme

Courageous Leaders is a free one-year leadership and management programme for LGBT+ teachers. We are part of the E&D Regional Hub for the East of England and North East London, which aims to increase the diversity of school and college leadership. Courageous Leaders specialises in working with teachers with the protected characteristics of Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment as identified in the Equality Act (2010).

What can you expect from the course?

  • Three one-day Leadership Skills workshops at different locations in the region, covering ‘being your authentic self’, modern LGBT+ identities,Leadership traits and interview skills.
  • An allocated mentor to guide you on your career journey.
  • Networking opportunities with and peer support from other LGBT+ education professionals.
  • Application forms for promotion checked by an NLE and advice offered.
  • Support with any issues you experience at work relating to your sexuality or gender identity.
  • Support with being out at work, being a role model and setting up a Pride Club for LGBT+ pupils/students.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and sensitivity at all times.
  • Support with presentation & interview skills

The history of the programme

We first received funding in 2016 and have recruited 30 LGBT+ teachers since then who are looking for promotion. For the first two years the course was funded by the DfE leadership equality and diversity fund to support diverse school leadership and a review of last year’s courses can be found here. See our Case Studies pages for more information.

Post it notes


Courageous Leaders: The Book
is out now

Courage in the Classroom shares the stories of our programme alumni, offering advice and practice for LGBT inclusion in schools. This book will be of interest to headteachers, senior leadership teams, governors, policy makers and teachers. Get your copy at
(all profits go into funding Courageous Leaders).

British Diversity Awards Shortlist

Courageous Leaders has been shortlisted in the ‘Community Project of the Year’ category of the British Diversity Awards - celebrating organisations and individuals who champion diversity across the UK.

DIVA Awards

Dr Catherine Lee has been nominated for a Diva Award in the category of Diversity Champion of the Year.

National Diversity Awards

Courageous Leaders has been nominated for a National Diversity Award and Courageous Leaders founder and Lead, Jane Robinson is also nominated as Role Model of the Year.


Craft of Collaboration Session

"I used this to prepare my Year 10s for their speaking and listening presentations - they had great fun learning how to increase their status ... and also critique mine!  

The session was so useful - and I will be putting it to very good use!"

Courageous Leaders

‘I enjoyed joining participants at courageous leaders yesterday –the programme has certainly been designed and delivered expertly and tailored to participants so well’

Courageous Leaders

‘We feel incredibly fortunate to have such a strong LGBT+ programme in the East of England and North East London region.’
Doug Brechin

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